coronavirus in italy

Covid-19 has been affecting many parts of the world, hear from this Afro-Italian woman what life is like for her in Italy. Watch more here.

Dear, Brown Woman

Dear Brown and Black women, this one is for you. Watch more here. 

Senator Marilyn Moore

Marilyn Moore is a senator of Bridgeport, CT and is running for mayor of that city. Within this interview she is able to allow individuals to understand why she is passionate, determined, and willing to make a change in Bridgeport. Watch more here.

Women in Costa Rica

Women in Costa Rica is an interview that allows individuals to understand the life of black women within Costa Rica, watch more here !


Releasing the Roots Part 1 is all about understanding what the perming process vs the going natural process means for these various black woman. Watch more here.

Releasing the roots part 2

Releasing the Roots Part 2 is all about what the perming process and natural hair process means for both mother and daughters. Watch more here.


SheisWomban is all about discovering the true embodiment of femininity from women from various parts of the world. Each women of color within this video come from different streams of life, but find similarities within one another at the end of the day. Watch more here.


Sheisart partnered with Belle and created a video that focused on black love, but love primarily focused on ones self. We discovered what self love means and looks like for many black women from all ages. Watch more here. 

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