ABOUT SHEISART digital magazine

Sheisart: A women with no limitations, no boundaries, and is more than a societal norm, this is the black woman.

What is Sheisart?

Sheisart is a digital magazine that uplifts and empowers your everyday black women by providing them with a platform that encourages them to share their stories. We create a comfortable space for your everyday black women and we assure them that every women has a compelling story that needs to be heard. We create covers and write brief pieces about these women which allows them to understand that they matter and that they are being recognized.

Wear what represents you, feel empowered in your clothes, feel empowered in our clothes.

Why was it created?

Sheisart was created due to society glorifying people of higher status. We feel that society has glorified those of an higher status to such an extent that they forgot about your everyday working class people's strengths and struggles. We are shifting this narrative by assuring society that you do not need to be of higher status to be heard or appreciated. 

Love who you are, wear something that reminds you of the person that you are or aim to become.

Why the name SheisART?

The name SheisART was developed because within society black woman are often times presented or known as "the angry black woman" etc. With the idea of a women, a black woman in particular being art it leaves the mind a chance to expand one's ideology of a black women. Art is boundless, art has no specific connotations connected to it, art is beautiful, art has no one stop, and therefore SheisART.